• How much does a web speed audit cost?

    Our web speed audits are priced by analyzing the core components of your infrastructure in our pre-audit process. Depending on how many layers impact the performance, we will propose a monthly engagement to identify, solve and fix even the most tenacious web performance issues. eHook web speed audit engagements are typically from $5,000 to $35,000 USD a month, including or excluding a development team for blocks of 6 months.

    We exist to eliminate the bottlenecks that limit the speed of your website. With over 25 years of experience delivering first-in-class websites with our clients, we have learned through practice in the most competitive industries such as travel, e-commerce and ed-tech. Research and development are at the core of our culture, and we hope to work with clients who share a similar desire to perform and offer the most value to their customers.

    What a fast website will do for your business:

    • Lower infrastructure costs
      Well-optimized websites require less CPU-time, disk space and data transfers.
    • Increase your marketing effectiveness.
      Sending your prospects to slow interfaces creates significant marketing spending wastage.
    • Improve conversion rates
      Don't let a slow experience be the reason for your customer to abandon your marketing funnel. 
    • Raise productivity
      Your employees are using your website; their emotions can be affected by its speed and time is money. 
    • Enhance the quality of your code
      We found that investing in web speed helps organizations justify investment in the quality of their code.
    • Upgrade your user experience
      Great customer experiences enable great business outcomes and relationships.
    • Demonstrate your brand's value
      A fast website is like responsive customer service; it is challenging to be trusted as a brand without it.
    • Boost your search rankings
      Google already measures web speed. In May 2021, it will become an important ranking signal.

  • How we make your website 
    fast for each of your customers

    Optimizing the speed of your digital infrastructure requires a step by step approach to eliminate each of the bottlenecks slowing down your website's performance. We promise a first principle analysis and best in class solutions at each level of your infrastructure.

    Servers & Load Balancers

    Hardware is the foundation.

    Effectively managing your hardware resources is critical to achieving ambitious high-performance targets. We have specialists who can handle hardware issues and root cause analysis of hardware bottlenecks.

    Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

    Less latency, done well.

    Serving images and other large files on CDNs is essential to improve these assets' load time consistently. Not all CDNs are made equal for your use case; not all CDNs are configured optimally for your users; we'll guide you and implement the right solution for your requirements.


    Bandwidth, jitters and round trips.

    Getting the data from your infrastructure to each client can be a challenging operation. Time to do it right with our networking specialists.

    Backend Code

    Fast databases and caching.

    For each operation in your application, the information in a database needs to be accessed consistently fast for the rest of the software layers to have a chance at delivering their functions rapidly. By optimizing each database query, the logic of the code and using the right caching mechanism, your backend's speed can become a strength to build on.


    End points, compression & cache, design considerations.

    In a world where APIs are prevalent and used by most software stack, it's easy to believe they are all equally designed and integrated into your application. We can help make both your APIs and your use of 3rd party APIs more efficient to make things run smoother.


    J2K, WebP, Lazy Loading

    Images and other media files are a large proportion of the data transfers on the web today; this is why it so crucial for web speed to implement the right image optimization processes in your application. By reducing each file's size, we reduce the aggregated amount of bandwidth necessary for your website to be fast without sacrificing quality.

    Front-end Code

    CSS, JS, HTML,

    To maximize speed, front-end code is often where the biggest improvements can be made. This is the code that interacts directly with how the browser wants to work, and as a general rule, even the modern frameworks are struggling to deliver optimized code out of the box. We can help optimize every aspect of your front-end code for maximum speed.


    Server side rendering vs. client side rendering

    To index a page and rank it, Google must see the site's content and design, which has been a challenge for client-side applications. While they have improved their rendering capabilities year after year, it is still highly recommended to go with server-side rendering for SEO. We will help you move to SSR well, and if you can't make the switch, we can also work with client-side applications.

    Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

    Fast by design.

    With AMP, websites have been able to provide their mobile users with an extremely fast experience with a light, pre-optimized, codebase. We have been early adopters of AMP and have become experts in managing complex AMP projects (with or without a progressive web app).

    A/B Testing

    Getting scientifically relevant results.

    Not all A/B testing solutions are alike. To obtain scientifically relevant results in your experiments, it is crucial to consider the cost in terms of web speed of your A/B testing solution. Making your pages much slower while testing can make even the best-conceived experiments less likely to produce actionable learnings.

    3rd Party Code

    Connect it well, use it or remove it.

    With so many useful applications that can be added via a tag or a pixel, it is often hard to manage and measure their impact on web speed, even when using Google tag manager. We can help you choose the fastest 3rd party applications, build processes to include the minimum possible contextually and find creative solutions to remove it altogether in some cases.

    Product Design

    Sometimes fast starts or end on the drawing board.

    There are many ways to approach a design problem to build the best user experiences possible. Unfortunately, design decisions can still have a lot of downstream consequences on website speed.

    Marketing Strategy

    How you sell it, can impact load times.

    To sell in innovative ways, risk-taking is part of the course. We will help you understand how to do it, without taking risks that affect your web performance.

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  • Frequently Asked Question

    How do we evaluate the cost of the web speed audit?

    We try to keep it simple; we will try to understand these variables before providing a quote.

    1. How many systems are involved?
    2. How fast do we want to improve?
    3. What are the business objectives?

    How does a 6 months web speed sprint works?

    The first step to every engagement is to have a clear measurement of where things stand with your website's speed. To achieve this, we use tools that can reproduce the Lighthouse test (v.6) included in Google Chrome, for each page of the website. This is our starting point.


    Secondly, we research and list all the challenges that we can identify that may affect page speed.


    Third, we list all the tasks (micro and macro) necessary to address the core challenge of improving the website's speed as efficiently as possible.


    Finally, we get cracking! We implement each solution with our team, or with your team, and rigorously test the impact of our changes.

    At the end of each month, a report is provided to illustrate the progress made.
    At the end of the sprint, a more significant report is provided about the sprint's accomplishment.

    Why pay the deposit online?

    Get priority. We are generally overloaded with requests and have a significant backlog of work. With capital, we can scale and provide your business with timely service.

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