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SEO Audits in New York (NY)

Solidify your business with an SEO audit truly connected to your business needs.  

· New York

You want more leads and more business, while growing a brand that customers can trust over the long term. This is why you should pay close attention to the experience of your potential customers in the search engines. With our comprehensive forensic SEO audits, you make a step in the right direction for your employees, partners and owners.

SEO Expertise in New York, New York.

If you’re looking for SEO expertise in New York, eHook is focused on bringing the most business value to companies looking to grow their organic traffic and exposure. Whether you need SEO consultation, help with hiring a great SEO team or day-to-day management, we can help. Since 1995, we have promoted many of the world's largest brands and boosted their revenues. Day-to-day, in New York and around the world, we compete.

Organic Growth Results

With more than 900 long-term client's engagements to our pedigree, we can safely say that we will improve the direction of your organic growth towards greater outcomes. From voice search to mobile, an SEO audit can set the foundation necessary to build continuous success across all crucial platforms where search is present.

Organic traffic growth after a complete SEO audit.

Very few sites are well optimized for SEO. Those who are, perform tremendously better in search results and provide great value to consumers.

About our SEO Audits

We seek to provide custom-built solutions for each client. Our SEO Audits are no different, as we test your website on more than 2000 attributes that have shown to bring our clients improved rankings. Everything is tested, everything is explained, everything is demonstrated with clarity. You are serious about your business, we are serious about representing our work with integrity. After having worked with IBM, American Express on their SEO audits in New York, we have learned to work in collaboration with agencies and internal resources alike.

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Our Beliefs

  • Data informed rather than data-driven. Critical thinking is particularly important when SEO success is so correlated with user behavior. The next win is not always apparent in the data.
  • SEO talent development and training are at the core of all our activities. We seek to make learning a cultural habit in our company and yours.
  • Good ethical behaviors in our SEO activities is not only the only way to build long term value for our clients, it's also an incredible momentum booster in terms of performance. 
  • Patience and commitment are the traits of those who succeed in the end. 
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